Madeleine Perino talks Gardening and Self Care

To kick off our interviews with local women, we have Madeleine Perino, from New Orleans’ staple garden center Perino’s, joining us (virtually) to talk all things self-care, stress reducing, new routine, and of course- essential gardening tips (especially now that we’re having some extra time on our hands)!


Cella’s: With so much stress going on around us, so many people have turned to being productive at home and in their gardens! How do you feel gardening helps relieve stress?

Madeleine Perino: I think gardening helps relieve stress because it’s something to do that is active yet quiet for the brain. It is also very rewarding to watch something you planted grow successfully. It gives me a sense of accomplishment! And for some of the plants, I get to enjoy the blooms! Like right now I’m obsessing over the rose blooms!


C: If we’re on the productivity bandwagon, and want to add newness to our gardens, which types of plants or flowers are popular right now for Spring/Summer? Any new trends you’re seeing?

MP: Most people right now are cleaning up their yards from winter: pulling up weeds, fertilizing their lawns, refreshing mulch, and pulling up their winter annuals. Now is the time to start planting your summer annuals! There are so many choices right now because Spring is the best growing weather for plants, and it’s an extra bonus to garden in this gorgeous weather we are having! Probably the top 4 picks for Summer annuals right now are Sunpatiens and Vinca ( for the sun) and Caladiums and Begonias (for the shade). There are several new plants and varieties available this season as well!

As for new trends, I do see people taking the opportunity of having extra time at home to be more creative with their planting and/or branching out and trying maybe trickier plants in their yard! I’d say the main new trend is veggie and herb gardening!! Why not take this opportunity to see if you can grow what you eat!? So fun, especially for kids!


C: Now that we have more time at home, any gardening “extra-credit” that we can do (something that we usually wouldn’t make the time for) to make a difference in our plants or gardens?

MP: Extra credit in the garden this season would be to make sure all of your plants are getting properly fertilized this spring. Don’t skip over older plants that are established. They would like some nourishment too!


C: For any beginners out there wanting to pick up a new gardening hobby during this downtime, any tips on how to get started/easy plants to start with?

MP: Y’all can do it! But if I had a really easy suggestion it would be to start with pots! Whether it’s fun seasonal flowers in a pot or some tomatoes or herbs. Pots tend to be a little easier to control watering than the ground is!


C: What type of clothing and products would you recommend to wear and use outside while gardening?

MP: I typically like to wear my workout clothes when I garden because they are breathable and I don’t mind getting them sweaty! I do always try to wear a hat though to keep the sun off of my face (and to keep my sweaty ponytail contained ha!)


C: When feeling stressed, or at the end of a long day, what is your self care routine to decompress?

MP: When I’m feeling stressed at the end of the day I usually wind down by sitting outside with my two dogs and a glass of rosé, followed by catching up on my TV shows... right now Ozark and Little Fires Everywhere! Occasionally, I’ll do a little online shopping at the same time :) Love the Cella’s website and Instagram!


C: First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?

MP: First thing I will do when quarantine is over is catch up with my friends in person! And hopefully get myself to the beach!!


C: What does a normal day look like for you now?

MP: Since Perino’s is up and running, a normal day for me right now isn’t that different than it was before, except I’m working out at home instead of Romney! And I’m not getting to go out to dinner with my girlfriends at some of my favorite restaurants like Paladar!

5:30 A.M. - wake up, walk my dogs at Pontiff, stream a Romney class in my living room

8:30 A.M. - head to work

5:00 P.M. - get home to hang out with my sister, cook some dinner or order takeout, and sometimes take a short night walk before watching our favorite shows!


Madeleine’s Picks!


Sunpatiens - great Summer annuals (for the sun)

Vinca - great Summer annuals (for the sun)

Caladiums - great Summer annuals (for the shade)

Begonias - great Summer annuals (for the shade)

Herbs and Veggies - big gardening trend right now!


Self Care:

Romney Online Workouts - stream your favorite Pulse, Bosu, and Bounce classes while at home - a favorite of Madeleine’s!


Our Picks!

Dina Panama Hatmake sure to stay shady in these wide brim Panama hats while outside working on your garden! 

Jane Panama Hat - this wide brim hat is an instant favorite for covering up while outdoors

 Kiki Joggers - great elastic waist Linen pants to wear around the house or in your backyard #loungewear 

Lara Linen Top -  Make sure to stay cool in easy, breathable clothing, like this 100% Linen top

Chris Shirtdress - Lastly, this Linen shirtdress is so easy to throw-on-and-go outdoors, love the flowy fit


Huge thanks to Madeleine for walking us through gardening during these quarantine times! I hope this inspires someone to use their newly-found free time to go out and start planting something! #newhobby !



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